Monday, April 18, 2016

Treat high blood pressure

Hypertension diseases of this age which affects 20% of America's population, and 31% of Egyptians, and the number of people with high blood pressure to increase all because of the pressures of everyday life and methods of wrong living, where studies have shown that there are 30% of infected patients with obesity, due to progress we are witnessing these days and the lack of daily activity so we'll talk in this post about how to avoid developing high blood pressure.

The causes of high blood pressure.

There are 95% of cases are not recognized on the causes of high blood pressure, while the remaining percentage are summarized in the causes of:
Increased weight and obesity, which Tzb in atherosclerosis.
-altotr Nervous resulting from the stress of everyday life and its problems.
Increase the proportion of salt in the food.
-asabh Adrenal gland.

Symptoms of high blood pressure.

-alasabh Chronic headache makes you unable to work normally.
-nziv In the nose.
-ahmrar Eye.
And it is diagnosed with high blood pressure through measured by your doctor or pharmacist more than once normal range 80/120 Mellimitr mercury and must follow up with your doctor to avoid complications that reading was high.

Complications of high blood pressure.

-alasabh Heart disease.
-khall In kidney function.
-hdot Strokes.

The prevention of high blood pressure.

-alik To get away from everyday problems and stress overload boy who cause you a temporary rise in blood pressure.
Avoid increasing the amount of salt in food.
Maintain ideal body weight.
-Quit Smoking .
Practice of sports on a daily basis.
-tnol Fiber-rich foods.
-alaptaad For alcohols and stimulants.

Treat high blood pressure.

-eetm Treatment with drugs such as:
-musaat Blood vessels.
-amadadat Neural activity.
-mthbtat Enzyme Alongiotinsen.
-mthbtat Calcium.
But we do not recommend eating any medication without consulting your doctor.