Saturday, June 4, 2016

Beware of post headsets with others .. The reason? !!

Beware of post headsets with others

Shares may like to hear a song you love your friend, you would give him your headset to listen to it; it is a simple act, but a recent study warned that this behavior strongly. , Said a new medical study that the ear filled with wax, and dead skin cells, bacteria and the use of earphones jointly by several people, because it causes significant health hazard. The study showed that the ear is a sensitive place in the human body, and includes many of the microbes and fungi, which may develop into a serious infection in the case of neglect of cleanliness.

Although the wax ears and bacteria in them does not constitute harm to the human but the speakers hold moisture in your ears and raise the heat, making it an ideal place for the growth of these bacteria and injury and fungal infection. He advised Kelly Reynolds, an associate professor of environmental health at the University of Arizona, to clean up the speakers once a week and sterilized cotton sticks in the case of having to share it with others, and then re-cleaned and sterilized before use of the original owner.