Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Diet Green Apple

Diet Green Apple

Diet Green Apple

Diet is an important green apple diets, which are used by much of the Arab world, especially those who are looking for fitness, but before delving into the details of this type of diet, you should find out why was selected fruit green apples in particular?

The apple green of the most healthy fruit, which is characterized as being rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber, so it is a good source to provide important teleological elements needed by the body to perform everyday functions as usual during the diet, among other advantages of green apple that stimulates the nervous system in the body, in addition to being laxative for the digestive system, and the fruit contains a medium-sized apple green on 80 and even 100 calories, apple does not contain any fat.

Benefits of Green Apple

There are lots of benefits of green apple, but I will mention a few of those high-profile health benefits of green apple:

Green apples helps to remove toxins from the body with about eight glasses of water a drink a day, in addition to the green apple increases the metabolic rate of the body and also enhance its ability to burn fat and helps get rid of excess weight.

Rich in dietary fiber

The first and most important benefit of green apple is rich with dietary fiber, which helps regulate bowel movement and thus helps in the digestive process in general.

It reduces the chance of colon cancer

Due to the presence of a high proportion of fiber in apple green, it does reduce the probability of colon cancer significantly.

Free of bad cholesterol

Green apples helps to give your stomach a sense of relief, because it does not contain cholesterol, the bad, and helps to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

It is one of the benefits of green apples in that it contains a high proportion of fiber, and help these high levels of fiber to lower cholesterol found in the body already.

Prevention of liver and digestive problems

Reduces green apples from liver problems, it can also help to prevent some of the problems that may affect the acidity of the digestive tract, diarrhea or constipation.

Protection from certain diseases

Green apples helps in the prevention of gout, which contain maleic acid, which helps to reduce the chances of indigestion.

Rich in antioxidants

Green Apples contain polyphenols and flavonoids, and a lot of antioxidants, and thus helps to prevent various forms of cancer.

energy production

Green apples contain carbohydrates, which is very useful for people who play any kind of sport.

Control of appetite

Green Apple produces organic acids, which can help to suppress appetite, and if you want to reduce the appetite it can do this by eating green apples before eating.

Diet from Diet Green Apple

First day

During the first day of the only diet allows eating apples in the breakfast, lunch and dinner and in what quantity.

the second day

Breakfast, dealing with green apple.

Lunch, dealing with green apple and one green salad with lemon juice without oil and two slices of cheese, non-fat.
Dinner, dealing with a green apple.

the third day

Breakfast, dealing with a slice of bread and the fruit of righteousness apple green.

Lunch, dealing with the fruit of green apple green salad containing carrots.

Dinner, dealing with the fruit of apple green.

the fourth day

Breakfast, dealing with a slice of bread and a slice of righteousness turkey and green apple.

Lunch, dealing with a can of tuna without oil, boiled vegetables and lemon juice.

Dinner, dealing cup skim milk and the amount of corn flakes milk as much green palm of the hand and one apple.

The fifth and final day

Breakfast, dealing with a slice of bread, land and hard-boiled egg and green apple fruit.

Lunch, dealing 200 grams of chicken, as al-Sadr would prefer, but it must have skimmed the skin or the same amount of roast beef in addition to a green salad and fruit of apple green.

Dinner, dealing with the fruit of a green apple.


Preferably when you follow this diet of exercise and increase traffic through walking for between a quarter and up to half an hour a day.

Allowed to eat low-fat cheese or lean meat only, as boiled or cooked preferably unsaturated oils.

Best to drink about 2 liters of water a day.