Thursday, June 2, 2016

Drink honey and cinnamon to lose 3 kilos of weight per week

Drink honey and cinnamon to lose 3 kilos of weight per week

In this article recipe of honey and cinnamon to lose 3 kilos per week as well as the honey and cinnamon has many benefits for the body and for health in general

The purpose of the drink to lose weight is to lose a great deal of weight in less time, but before you begin ... are also important in weight loss, but in the interim.

Lose 3 kilos per week with cinnamon syrup, honey

Teaspoon cinnamon

Cup boiling water

Two tablespoons of honey

How to prepare cinnamon syrup, honey

Confuse cinnamon with water and leave it 5 minutes, then add honey drink half a cup before going to sleep, and the other half in the morning on an empty stomach. With the adoption of the 1200 calories a day program

benefits of Cinnamon:

She noted a lot of scientific research into the benefits of effective cinnamon to increase the fat burning rate of the body and then to lose weight, but multiply these benefits when you add honey to it, it has proved that white honey is rich in natural sugar, not the processor, making it Suck easy in the body without causing be