Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Foods to relieve the stress of everyday life

Foods to relieve the stress of everyday life

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Working conditions and family commitments often constitute a large psychological pressure on a lot of people, which is reflected on the mood and feeling of fatigue and anxiety permanently, and to overcome this problem, a researcher nutrition Joey boer advises  to cause some changes to our diet to add foods send to improve mood and mental state of a person.

Before talking about some foods that improved mood, the researcher pointed to the need to exercise the kind of sport for half an hour a day at least, saying it was not necessary to choose violent types of sports, but enough to practice some yoga or meditation or walk for some time.

"Says researcher:" exercise helps the secretion of happiness hormones and help to stimulate the mental state of the person, as advised to eat fatty fish such as salmon and sardines, which contain omega-3 and vitamin "d" three times a week at least, because it improves the health of the mind and mood ".

To lift your mood, it advises the researcher to spend five minutes thinking about the positive achievement you've done during your day, and then reward yourself for that.

As for whether you need to get up early and to overcome the desire to stay in bed then you should eat some of the proteins that give the necessary push to actively start your day, you can eat a snack containing 10 grams of protein, it helps to stimulate and awaken the receptors in the brain.

The researcher suggested that eating foods like popcorn with Dutch cheese and peanuts or yogurt skimmed or decaffeinated boiled egg yolk or a slice of salmon or turkey meat.

The moderate dose of caffeine is acceptable at this time, which can be obtained from a cup of black or green tea unsweetened, or a cup of coffee contains 50% caffeine.

To improve the mood researcher or eating chocolate pudding made with vanilla yogurt and skimmed unsweetened coca suggests.