Sunday, June 5, 2016

Way health ketchup processing at home

Way health ketchup processing at home

Although we have become well aware of the hazards of processed foods and ready-made for it toxic and full of chemicals and are well aware that it is better these foods equip yourself at home to ensure that there are no components that can be harmful to your health and that these ingredients fresh and natural instead of buying these items from the shops. You may see that the ketchup of Statistics prepared foods that do not harm the body but it does not look as simple as you think and as we know that most individuals use ready-made ketchup with most foods research has recently reported that ketchup contains a high proportion of high-fructose drink

You ketchup processing yourself at home, and so make sure to use a natural ingredient healthy at the same time to get the ketchup of choice for many individuals

Ingredients :
12 ounces of tomato paste.
1/2 cup brown sugar.
1/2 small hanging mustard.
1/2 tsp salt hanging.
1/2 small hanging cinnamon.
A few cloves.

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