Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cases of fainting: how to deal with the case of someone fainting

Cases of fainting

Cases of fainting from contained hitting any of us, as long as we are in this life, it postulates that confront us things we should be ready to it and deal with it, and those things that encountered in while you wait in the station or on public transport or in your place of work or study and sometimes in your home cases of fainting. And sometimes you are exposed to loss of consciousness and falls on the shoulders of those around you deal with that,how to deal with the case of someone fainting

The causes of cases of fainting

 The causes of fainting that person vary depending on the condition and the circumstances surrounding it and the occasional fainting usual does not take more than two minutes until the person returns to consciousness again. Reasons may be as simple psychological shock received for any reason as news CNN or shocking scene or state of tension or fatigue plus or fear, and sometimes as cases occurred in certain circumstances Kaltoagd in strangulated a difficult place to breathe in or loss of consciousness due to dehydration or exposure to the sun directly and continuously for a long time or orthostatic hypotension when a person becomes suddenly put lie to advance, then the blood accumulates in the feet, causing shortages and the arrival of the brain. In other cases Kartdae things tight at the neck, causing pressure on the Mosul artery of the brain, causing fainting on the spot. It is commonly loss of consciousness in patients with diabetes, where increases or sugar, at least in the blood and if you do find a lost patient awareness of diabetes assisted immediately may have a coma sugar may not wake them, as well as low blood anemia pressure where the blood does not carry enough oxygen to the brain. Some people may develop loss of consciousness caused by eating the central nervous system inhibitors Kalekhulyat or sedatives and opiates especially without consulting your doctor. The most important part and the most dangerous of the causes of loss of consciousness is due to heart disease or nervous system of various kinds, especially heart disease, because any failure or change in the process of pumping blood leads to the impact on the blood supply to the brain rate, often repeated loss of consciousness of the patient therefore always advisable to visit your doctor those who repeated his fainting. The occurrence of fainting due to brain injury is not considered a loss of consciousness, but may be a concussion in the brain so you should visit a doctor immediately, as well as fainting may lead to some injuries during the fall of the person so you'll catch him soon see him reeling to fall.